Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hall full, of course

I try to think in the 'half full' mindset rather than the 'half empty' version. The way the world is going lately this is can be pretty tough.

Yesterday the local freeway was closed off for eight hours because apparently someone else's view of the world was far from being even half empty. A man whose world was crumbling decided he would end it all by jumping onto the highway from a pedestrian bridge. Several people crabbed about how long it took police and his pastor to talk him down. Obviously they've never known anyone with mental problems otherwise they would have seen the situation for what it was -- a tragic cry for help and a perfect opportunity for humanity to show what it's made of. Hopefully he is getting the help he needs and can return to his family to begin the next phase of his life. We should all pray for him and others like him.

And if you're wondering, the wine is called Chalk Creek, a Cabernet Sauvignon from Mendocino County, CA. I've been finding a lot of great wine from this region lately, often at good prices. This one is quite tasty and at only $5.99, Trader Joe's, a good value and a super weekday wine. It was supposed to be paired with a wedge of Asiago cheese but the cheese was kind of stinky and not so wonderful. I should have stuck with my first choice, a Grana Padano. Yet all in all, the glass remains half full.

P.S. If you're new to my blog please leave a comment letting me know where you're from, etc. I love to see where my readers are from -- it truly fascinates me!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy keeping up with you through your blog! Have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

i love the earings. they would be perfect for my freespirt hippie type daughter. the peace signs and the little red and white under looks like the candies my uncle gave out to all the kids. he has recently passed. thanks for the pics. coralee

Suzanne said...

Thanks Coralee -- Marcia's shop is on 4th Street in Royal Oak and I know she stocks them there!