Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sunday at Torch Lake

On Sunday we welcomed Joyce and Carol who drove up together and Jackie who drove from the west edge of Torch Lake.  We met up at the Brownwood Acres again, this time rushing to the building that offered freshly baked donuts.  HOT!  And they were so gooooood.  I'll admit I had two when I should have had one none.  Did I forget to mention that I had at least walked a mile to get there?  I know, doesn't really matter.

We went back to Diane's home and sat around knitting, hand piecing, and sewing.  Jackie was working on socks for her grandson.

Carol was knitting her 21st pair of socks this year:

And Joyce and Diane were hand piecing their 7 Sisters blocks:

Sue was busy putting her block of the month blocks together and sewing the sashing strips on:

Me?  I was busy knitting earflap hats.  Here's one I finished and washed, drying out on the deck:

A quick storm popped up but was gone as quickly as it arrived:

Once the weather had cleared we had 'cocktail hour' where we sampled several different white wines, along with some cheese, crackers, and grapes -- perfecto!!

Dinner on Sunday was at Lulu's in Bellair, very near the scene of the accident two years ago where Sue broke her leg.  An ambulance happened to be near the site:

Dinner at Lulu's was delicious.  I had a bowl of tomato bean soup and a gnocchi and shrimp dish:

When we arrived back home the sun had nearly set.  Here's a not-so-great picture:

And with that, it's time to log off -- wicked storm with lots of lightening right now!


kpultzdesign said...

hmmm...Jackie and Carol, those socks are not going to knit themselves!!

Suzanne said...

They were 'resting'.