Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Long Day

I started work today at 6:45 am and finished up at 9:10 pm.  I'm bushed.  But I'm happy because even though I was there forever I managed to get all my work done in preparation of a critical deadline on Friday.  Phew!  No thanks to my wacky 'partner' who still can't get my name right.

I thought I straightened her out on Monday when she called me Christine while we were instant messaging.  I called her out on it and you know what she said?  Sorry, Christine was on her last team, and she missed her.  Really???

You may think that's the end of it but NO!  Today while we were on a call together with our bosses, onsite and offshore teams, she did it again......  Can you say 'hopeless'????

I'm tossing back a nice glass of Malbec and calling it a night.

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