Monday, August 8, 2011

She Did it Again

Remember how on Friday I wrote about my woes at work?  Today I got an email from my new 'partner' who was replying to an email I sent her on Friday.  Here's how it began:  'Thanks Christine.'  Yep, once again she called me Christine.  Where in the world is that coming from?  Tomorrow I'll have to set her straight.

Today my boss, just back from a 2 week vacation to Alaska, held a meeting for my team to see how things are going with the new consultants and if there are any risks.  I let my co-worker Diala speak first and luckily she's having a little bit easier time with her new 'partner' than I am.  When it came to my turn I started with 'I don't know where to begin.'  In as diplomatic a way as humanly possible, I spilled my guts.  It wasn't pretty.  I told him how I was near tears trying to figure how it was going to work, going backwards after all the progress we had made.  I let him know I felt the project was in jeopardy of not meeting deadlines and sliding backwards.  I think he had an inkling that my gal wasn't going to work out.  He's going to have a talk with the boss of the new consultants and we're meeting tomorrow to discuss our roles and responsibilities, something I kept reiterating was lacking on their end.

No doubt this will make things uncomfortable and no doubt she will be calling me something besides Christine.......

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