Saturday, August 6, 2011

Party Time

Sometimes I'm such a ding-dong.  Today was my niece Deanna's going away to college party and I forgot to take a picture of her.  I'm a really ninny.  Kevin and I drove out and picked up my Mom and together we traveled through torrential downpours over my to nephew Paul's house.  Round trip = 100 miles.  Mom would not have gone if I hadn't picked her up so I'm glad I offered.

Here's my Mom with her current great-grandchildren:
Mom looks pretty good for 85, don't you think??

Here's my nephew Paul and his wife Shawn and their family:

Paul is two weeks younger than Kevin and there's no way Kevin could be handling all the responsibilities Paul has at his age.  Shawn is a first grade teacher at the elementary school I attended.  My first grade teacher was Miss Meinhardt and she should have been called mean-heart.  When I wouldn't stay in my chair she put me in the broom closet.  When I wouldn't stay on the chair in the closet she tied me to it with duct tape.  Can you imagine a public school teacher getting away with that today??

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