Friday, January 21, 2011

Win some, lose some

Ugh.  Had a nice little post and it evaporated on me with the stroke of one wrong key.

Anyhow.  Synopsis.

  1. Had a phone interview for a position for which I was completely under-qualified.  That felt good.
  2. Got a call from another agency for a possible position with AAA for a job I am most likely qualified for.
  3. Took another webinar that was quite the waste of time -- creating a marketing document that you are supposed to just hand out to people in social situations.  Yeah, right.
  4. Organized all my job search papers so that I have at least some outside chance of putting my hands on them when I need to.
  5. Did not leave the house on this frigid day.
  6. Managed to knit another 1.5" on the Imagine Sweater.
So, how was your Friday?

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