Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today was a pretty typical Sunday -- breakfast, laundry, knitting at the shop and grocery shopping.  We're expecting some heavy duty snow this week so I wanted to stock up.

Christine from stopped into the knit shop to say hi to Anne, who had taught her to knit some 12+ years ago.  She snapped some photos while she was there and said she'd be blogging about the shop.

On my way home I stopped at my friend Carol's house to pick up this:

I wanted to get home super quick and examine everything up close but first I had to unload the groceries, put them away and get dinner going.  In my haste to peel the sweet potatoes I tried to peel my fingernail off too!

While the potatoes were boiling I hurried back to my bag of goodies:

And the big purchases:
Aurifil's fabulous Lana thread collections !!!

24 spools of yumminess:

Perfect for wool applique -- now I just need to get going!!  Can you smell the wool fumes Tanya??

Now just in case you think I've lost my mind, I can assure I have not.  Had I truly lost my mind I would have bought this!

I'm heading to bed with my head full of creative ideas and I can't wait to get sewing.  Good thing I'm on vacation!

P.S.  I would have finished this post hours ago if I hadn't been running back forth to watch the Housewives of Atlanta finale!


SusanQuilter said...

Is that TWO boxes of Aurifil thread in that bag?????

Suzanne said...

Yes indeedy!