Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today I did not knit a stitch.  I spent most of the day working on getting a job.  As part of my separation package I've received the services of an outplacement firm.  Their job is to give me enough assistance to get back on my working feet again.  My vacation feet are getting way too comfortable.  I would love to be on vacation for a while longer but you know what they say about a rolling stone.  I think there may be some moss growing already around here.

This morning I sat through a 90 minute webinar about their services.  There is so much information and help on their site I was getting giddy trying to take it all in.  If you think that sounds pathetic you're either happily employed or happily unemployed.  First things first, though.  Tomorrow I've got a phone call with my recruiter to prepare for the phone interview I have on Friday.  I've got some reading to do to prepare for this company and I need to practice all those difficult questions they like to ask you.  Things like 'tell me about a time when you had a co-worker you had a hard time working with' or the ever popular 'tell me your two strengths and two weaknesses'.  I have some answers ironed out already but doesn't it get to sound scripted when you've practiced ahead of time?  Which reminds me of an old television ad for the Detroit Zoo.

I'm off to practice my lines...........

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Eddie said...

I loved that ad! Good luck with the interview.