Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost Day

Do you ever have days where you just can't figure out what happened to the time?  Big plans go awry because one task turns into a day long activity?

I needed to certify my unemployment today and I had thought it meant I had to give them a list of 6 companies that I had sent resumes off to.  Wrong.  Wasted lots of time searching and searching websites for something that would be a good fit.  I did apply to one new agency but that still left me one short.  After a quick conversation with my friend Sue, I abandoned that notion and moved on.  I fired a question off to the unemployment office to help clarify the whole issue.  We'll see how long it takes for them to respond.

I dropped the yarn from last Friday's giveaway off at the Post Office for 'Gracey is not my name' but I'm still waiting to hear from 'scoobie2' -- where are you?????

From there I went to the Salvation Army to look for an old, heavy iron that does not have steam vents.  No luck.  It's one of the things that Anita Grossman Solomon recommends for her piecing.

While I didn't sew today I did manage to get some work done on my Caddy Cardigan sleeve but due to some reverse knitting required when I lost my place, I only managed to get 1 measly inch done tonight at Panera's.  Undaunted, I will finish that darn sleeve tomorrow -- mark my words!

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