Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clean Up

I woke up this morning thinking that I'd finally remembered where a computer disk was that Kevin needed to run the PC he'd acquired from me.  That memory changed my whole day.  I began to clean my bedroom.  I made a lot of headway -- we're talking about piles of stuff now relocated into a more appropriate place.  I think a lot more can go into the trash -- that will have to come tomorrow.  I'm almost 'there' when it comes to trashing things, but just need a little more time.  I struggle to throw things out when I know they can be re-purposed.  I know I'm not alone there.

I didn't find the disk but I did find the D-Link to get the wireless connection going so at least now he can hook up to the Internet.  Life is good again.

I didn't make it back to my sewing machine today but I did get more thread, needles, and pins relocated to their proper places. I got reacquainted with some old applique projects stored in pizza kit boxes.  I hope to sew tomorrow after I take care of my unemployment stuff.  I need to post the three places I applied to last week.  Woohoo.  I hope to hear back from somebody this week.  Anybody.

I got in a few hours of knitting with the gals at the shop this afternoon.  I started the last sleeve for my Caddy Cardigan and managed to get 9" knit amongst the conversation and chocolates!  I should be able to finish it this week and get the button bands done, too.  Can't wait to wear it.  I need to get some hats knit up to felt so I can have them ready for the guild meeting next month.  Good thing I'm on vacation.

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