Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Work is so strange....

Yesterday was an odd day at work.  No one was outwardly talking about the terrible events of Friday.  We tip-toed around the fact that three co-workers were no longer there.  Since I was at the hospital that day I missed all of the drama.  From what I've been able to gather, there was plenty of drama, too.  The bitter co-worker was even more so on Friday.  She rejected the potted plant and card from all of us.  She refused a goodbye hug from someone she used to call a friend.  She spewed venomous rants and didn't participate in the luncheon that was given in her honor.  

No one wanted that day to come but it was the obvious outcome of decreased workloads.  While I wish I had been there to tell them all how much I enjoyed working with them and that they would be missed, I'm actually grateful I wasn't there to witness her tirade.

I'm so glad I have my knitting to take me away from all that stress.  Tonight I picked up a new XD memory card for my camera and took the photos I wanted to post last time.

Here's the Lantern Moon yarn box (wish I could come up with a more eloquent description, but it's late!) that I picked up using the Right off the Sheep gift card that Kevin gave me for Christmas.  I can't believe it took me this long to spend it!
It's really not that shiny.  Chalk it up to using a flash instead of natural daylight (again, it's late).

I finished the first Rose Hill hat tonight while knitting with the ladies at Panera's.  I like how it turned out and it's very soft, thanks to the Malabrigo yarn.

The color is a bit warmer than the photo shows.  Here's a close up of the bobbles:

At first I didn't care much for making the bobbles but I like the hat enough to do it again.  So of course I cast on another one tonight.  This time using a purple-ish skein of Rio de la Plata that I bought on sale at Threadbear's in Lansing a couple of years ago.

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