Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Dreaded HelpDesk

Yesterday at work I had to call in a ticket to the HelpDesk.  I needed to retrieve some files that I had archived last year.  They sent me an email with a form to fill out to get my old LotusNotes.  That wasn't what I asked for but I filled the form out anyway only to receive an email back from someone else who knew that wasn't what I wanted.  I called the HelpDesk again and after two episodes of being on hold for 30 minutes I got a live person.  Yeehaw.  This whippersnapper claimed that he'd worked there for over 4 years and no one had made a request like mine.  I restrained myself, and went on to explain I had made just such a request last year.  This morning I finally got the files I had requested from the same guy who handled the request last year.  He went on to tell me that he would be training his replacement -- someone offshore.  Wonderful.
Tonight I played HelpDesk when my Mom called with a crisis -- she had a paper jam in her printer.  Yikes!  The good news is that she knew where the manual was and had actually read it.  I have the same printer so I followed her instructions and turned my printer around.  I found the 'door' she needed to open and told her how to open it and more importantly, how to put it back on so the printer would work.  I remember one time when she called with a problem I was on the phone for over 30 minutes trying to walk her through it.  It made me appreciate the way the HelpDesk has to operate when the person on the other end is clueless.  

Yesterday's episode at work made me wonder just exactly who is staffing the HelpDesk these days -- I sure don't like the work going offshore.

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SusanQuilter said...

The 'Help Desk' advantage is that they can usually get in and 'drive' your computer--this would be really helpful with your Mom for some computer issues!!! I don't think they should be offshore either!