Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taxes Part 1

Tonight I worked on the Michigan Sales Tax form for my business that I need to send in by the 28th.  A couple of years ago when it was a leap year I mistakenly sent it in on the 29th, thinking it was due on the last day of February.  Wrong.  I not only lost the discount you get when you pay on time but I also got a penalty.  It was just a smidgen but just the same, it was pretty stupid on my part.

So now the form is done and copied and I only need to write the check for the sales tax.  This is the easy part.  Doing the full taxes is always a challenge.  It requires complete silence.  That means NO Kevin allowed.  I have to do the taxes when he's not home.  Maybe I'll get to that early next month.  I think I'll do it on the 12th.  I get my bonus from work that day so I'll be in a good mood!

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