Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Day

Overnight we got several inches of snow and most of the schools were closed -- lucky duck teachers!  I had to go into the office, however, and the roads were quite treacherous.  God bless ABS and traction control.

The snow removal team was busy clearing our parking lot at the office.
At least the driver had his lights on, unlike some ninnies I was on the road with.
We were expecting a visit from our local congressman but he didn't make it to our team.  We cleaned up and dressed up for nothing.  That's ok since many of my teammates didn't make it into the office today.

It would have been a perfect day for sitting in my favorite chair at home with a cup of team, knitting away on a scarf.  I did manage to get several more inches done on the One Row Lace Scarf  ~~
Maybe you can see the beads and sequins a bit better in this close up picture ~~

Tomorrow I'll go back to knitting my Possum scarf.  I'm figuring I will need at least another 10" knit up to see if I can wear it properly around my neck.

My quilting friend Diane's mother passed away yesterday and tomorrow our stitch group will be heading to the funeral home to pay our respects.  It's been a difficult time for Diane trying to manage her mother's care during her battle with dementia.  As much as I miss my Dad I'm so glad his battle was brief.

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