Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whine, not wine

I haven't crabbed about work in, let's see.....weeks!  Today was such a frustrating day.  A day that could have benefited from a nice glass of wine, had I not given up alcohol for Lent.  Whose idea was that anyway?!

The 'powers that be' at work have decreased the staff on two other teams to their minimal functionality.  In essence -- there is so much work that they cannot envision getting out from under the piles they've found themselves in.  They are led by someone who is completely clueless -- she even admitted that she 'glazes over' during a Town Hall meeting attended by all sorts of people throughout the company.  I know she's incompetent -- she used to be my boss before I escaped to my current team.

The problem with 'Peter Principle' bosses is they are completely unaware when they have reached their maximum position within the company.  In this case this gal doesn't really know what her team does on a day to day basis so she doesn't seem to notice that they're swamped.  She wouldn't couldn't roll up her sleeves and pitch in even if she did notice.  Thank goodness the lone team leader recognized the depth of their crisis and has sought out my team's help to get them caught up.  No details but I have to say I was extremely agitated that the team I once worked on and was an SME, is now clueless about how to solve their dilemma.  Part of the problem is that since I came from that team, I know 'where the bodies are buried' and that former boss hates to ask for my help.  They're lucky I'm not their auditor.

So tomorrow and probably for the rest of the week my team and I will be pitching in, getting the other team out from under the mess they've found themselves in.  And then we'll do it all over again next month, because they just don't get it.  When you decrease your staff by half and increase the work ten fold, you'll always get a negative result.  I don't think the 'powers that be' will ever get it.

Tomorrow's my annual performance review.  I learned a long time ago to just nod and ask where to sign.  I've been fortunate that for last 8 years I've been on a great team with good leadership.  It hasn't always been that way and when I fought for issues that I disagreed with on my review it only counted against me.  So I stopped.  It would have to be egregious for me to speak up now.  I work hard and get sufficient notice, a raise now and then, and a nice annual bonus so I can't complain.  I'm still working.........

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