Friday, February 19, 2010


Today I went to the eye doctor who told me my prescription was fine, I had astigmatism, and needed 2.00 readers.  I was shocked that my prescription hadn't change and I think I insulted him.  Oh well.  I go back in a week to have my eyes dilated and he will check my choroidal nevus -- a 'freckle' like spot on my retina.

From there I headed over to Costco to pick up the obligatory $100 cart of things, including my new readers.  When I got home there was very nearly no home to come home to.  Kevin had run out for an errand while I was gone and had inadvertently left a stove burner pilot light on.  The house reeked of gas!!  When he got home from his errands he opened all of the windows and turned off the furnace, which he was instructed to do when he called his boss.  Let's just say a multitude of 'choice' words were exchanged.  First off, how was Maggie?  Did you put her outside?  She had been in her crate, trapped, only 6 feet from the stove.

He could have blown the house to smithereens.  He is probably the clumsiest person I've ever known in my life.  He is constantly brushing up against things and knocking them over.  Why do you think my $40/stem wine glasses are safely packed away until he moves out?

He thinks he turned off the burner when he made his hard boiled eggs for breakfast but must have somehow brushed the stove knob on his way out.  I know, I know.  I can't figure it out either.

Once the air was cleared in the house, I headed over to the bank to drop off quilt guild deposits and the signature cards.  Next I was off to the yarn shop to knit with the ladies.  Kevin interrupted my bliss by calling to say he couldn't get the furnace to turn back on.  Great.

Good thing it was in the 40s here today.  I stopped at the hardware store to buy those long matches you need to light the pilots on furnaces.  I absolutely hate doing that -- I always have this image of it blowing up in my face.  I got the furnace going again by wiggling a couple of wires and everything is as it should be now.  And I will live to tell the story another day.  What a time to give up alcohol!


Heather said...

Suzanne-Whew! I'm so glad you're both safe!!!
What a scary day!
Did you know that you can use uncooked spaghetti noodles as long matches if you don't have any matches on hand?

Suzanne said...

Thanks Heather. No, I didn't know about using the noodles. I'll remember that but I hope I don't need to use them!