Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Knitting Progress...

...and more.  I've been knitting on the Possum scarf for the last couple of days as part of my Knitting Olympics.  I have four skeins of Merino/Possum yarn that my sister Denise brought back for me from her trip to New Zealand.  I had thought about making a little vest-y thing but decided I didn't have quite enough yardage.  My thought process is to make as many items as I can from the four skeins -- roughly 700 yards worth.  I should be able to get a scarf, hat, cowl, and maybe fingerless mittens out of the yarn.  We'll see.

The pattern comes from the Yarn Harlot and is super simple.  I needed that in order to work on the scarf while watching the events at the Olympics.  Here's the progress so far ~~

The other day I wrote about the Teal Rose Hill hat that I had finished using Malabrigo worsted wool.  It was bleeding onto my fingertips as I knit so I knew it would do the same when I washed it.  Sometimes I'm pretty intuitive.  I used a cap full of Synthrapol in the sink and look what happened ~~

It did bleed a bit in the sink but the color remained strong once it was rinsed and dry.  The color in the picture is a bit off -- it's really quite teal still ~~

Back in December I blogged about the handbag that I made for our Chicken group Christmas bag exchange.  Joyce was the recipient and kindly brought the bag with her to the quilt guild meeting on Thursday so I could take the photos I had forgotten to take.

You can see the brass feet I used on the bottom of the bag in the photo above.  This was the first time I've made a bag using them.  Not sure if they actually work.  My theory is they're too short to do much good.  Good thing I only bought two sets of them.

This is the back of the bag.  I bought the wools as part of a bundle from the Mabelena Quilt Shop in Ortonville.  I used these colors to pull the wool roving that I used to needlefelt the chicken on the front of the bag.

Almost forgot, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.  I hope you spent the day doing something you enjoy!


harriet said...

Wow. Heard about this bag for a while, but I LOVE IT! It's beyootiful! Good job.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Harriet -- I enjoyed making it, although waffling on the technique nearly drove me batty!