Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quilt Guild Wrap Up

I was so busy last night getting my knitting project lined up for the Knitting Olympics that I didn't have time to edit my guild meeting pictures and get them posted.

Without further ado.....

Our speaker, Becky, has been a long time member of the Great Lake Heritage Quilt Guild.

She began her quilting experience back in the 7th grade in her home economics class.  She zoomed through the class project and moved on to a self-study project to fill the semester.  This was her first quilt ~~

She often made her quilts using various fabrics that were leftover from garments her mother would make for the family.  
Her early quilts were sent out to be hand quilted, generally paying about $15 -- amazing!

Since she lived in the Amish area in Ohio, she developed a fondness for Amish quilt designs and colors.

She moved on and developed an interest (and knack!) for finding rescuing fabulous quilt tops at flea markets and antique shops.  I love this purple and white find ~~

And this mint and white beauty ~~

She didn't like the way the points met so she added the 'dots' to cover them up!

This next quilt started out as embroidered squares she found at an antique dealer.  She added the cheddar fabric and created this great quilt ~~

She brought her 'Little Women' quilt and her fabulous Christmas quilts but unfortunately someone sat down in front of me so I couldn't get a good picture of any of them!  :`(

Here are a few more of her antique shop quilt top finds.  She did a marvelous job quilting them ~~

I did manage to get pictures of her latest contemporary quilts ~~

And one more ~~

Becky has gone full circle in a way:  she started out sending her quilt tops out to be hand quilted, then she did her own hand quilting, and her latest quilts have been sent out to be machine quilted by local masters.

She didn't bring the quilt from which I received the leftover blocks (Becky's Blocks Quilt) or the stunning quilts she has made from her husband's ties but I think she had around 40 quilts that night.  They were lovely examples of the work she has done.

I only have one Show N Tell quilt picture for this month, blame it on the people sitting in front of me again, ugh.  Here's Jaime's quilt -- always bright and bold -- her trademark!

And that's enough for now!  I have taken over the Treasurer's duties for the quilt guild so I've got some reading to do to get caught up before the board meeting next Thursday.  Many thanks to my friend Kathy for getting all of the spreadsheets in order for me.  I'm not feeling so buried now!


SusanQuilter said...

You might want to try sitting right on the aisle, or crouch in the aisle to take your photos, like Deb does! Clear shootin' that way!

harriet said...

Wowser. Those are some awesome quilts! What does one do with so many quilts? Can't have enough walls to hang them all, can one? I quess you could change them out every so often. You must have many of your own, I bet.

Suzanne said...

Good idea Sue. I guess I could have stood up, too!

Suzanne said...

I know I've given away far more quilts than I've kept Harriet. I wish I had kept an album with their photos.