Sunday, January 31, 2010

Normal Sunday

Today was a typical Sunday for me.  I made a delicious skillet breakfast for Kevin and me, washed clothes, cleaned up around the house, knit with the ladies at Right off the Sheep, and got the groceries.  I like normal.  It's a good thing.

Mom came home from the hospital today.  Finally.  I thought she'd go home yesterday so I spent another whole day there with her.  Her doctor had said if her lunch went down ok she could go home.  Have you ever spent the day with someone who kept getting more and more annoyed the longer you were with them?  She wasn't mad at me but rather at her doctor who never did show up.  As it turned out the doctor didn't show up until 3 o'clock today and she wasn't out of there until after 4 o'clock.  She was eager to return to her apartment, check her mail, take a bath and get back to normal herself.  My sister Renee, who is celebrating a birthday today (no age but let's just say it's the double nickel), and got to spend it with Mom.  Woohoo.  

My sister Denise came downstate from Charlevoix to spend the night with Mom.  She was set to come down tomorrow anyway but arrived a bit early.  It's not good for Mom to be alone just yet.

At Right off the Sheep today I spent part of Kevin's Christmas gift to me by purchasing a yarn holder 'box' made by the folks at Lantern Moon.  I took a photo of it but for some reason my memory card has decided to die on me so I think it's time to pick up a new one.  I've been using this one for nearly 4 years so I guess it's about time.

I started a new hat, Rose Hill Hat, which you can find on Ravelry, since the picture I took of its progress won't be making an appearance here tonight either.  You'll have to take my word for it.  I cast on using Malabrigo worsted wool in an odd sort of shade of browns with blue but I don't have the name of the colorway, sorry.  The band of the hat contains 16 bobbles -- I've decided I'm not in love with creating bobbles but I sure do like how they look.  I also cast on for the front of my Peace Sweater and got about 1 1/2" done today before switching to the new hat.

I enjoy having different projects going at the same time, especially if it involves different needle sizes.  I think it's easier on my hands when I knit a variety of things and can change out when I need to.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to work and will find three empty desks where my now former coworkers used to sit.  I managed to avoid the dreaded good-byes on Friday by being at the hospital with my Mom.  It really was a day I didn't look forward to and truth be told, it was good to have an excuse to not be there.  Cowardly, but truthful.


SusanQuilter said...

Glad your mom is home!! That's very good news. It's never fun waiting for the doctors to come & decide if you can go home--always an aggravating, time-consuming processs!

Anonymous said...

Haha with the double nickel aside.
Thanks for all the help this past week with Mom. She is so very happy to be home with her own potty, bed, tv, no hacking barfing roommate etc.
I'm glad you got some things done on Sunday.
Love Renee