Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sometimes life has bouts of interruptions.  Just when you think things are settling down into a predictable pattern - BAM - something new comes along to throw everything out of whack.

Yesterday my sister Denise called from Charlevoix to say that Mom was ailing and in need of help.  I had planned to head to the gym, but duty called.

I picked up the needed grocery items:  eggs, milk, bread, crackers, bananas and took along some cans of chicken soup.  I stopped at Boston Market and got the chicken dinner for 3 so she'd have plenty of food for a while.  We had a nice dinner and she seemed to be feeling a bit better but I guess that didn't last.  Today my sister Renee picked her up and took her to the hospital and so far she's had a pint of fluids and a pint of blood.  She will need another pint of blood, maybe two.  Her blood pressure is all out of whack, 148/41 at the last reading, so she's off to get an endoscopy to try and figure out where she's losing blood.

I'll be heading to the hospital straight from work.  Not sure when I'll be home.  I'm doing tomorrow's tasks today at work, just in case I don't make it in on Friday.

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