Saturday, January 16, 2010

Now I'm done

I nearly forgot to show you my spice drawer, which I was rummaging through for my soup ingredients ~~

Now I know it looks like a mess but it IS relatively alphabetized, except for a couple of new additions carelessly dumped in the drawer.  Oh, I suppose YOUR drawer is more organized than that.

Last night I attended a NightNotes concert at the Hagopian rug store in Birmingham and worked on my Thai Vest.  It was all very prim and proper but I have to say something very odd happened.  I guess you could certify me as an adult because I did NOT break out in laughter when the gentleman sitting 3 seats down from me FARTED -- yes, just like a whoopee cushion, FARTED.  Right in the middle of the violin concerto by J.S. Bach.  What would Johann say????  Let's just say the man's wife was NOT pleased with him.  I struggled not to break out in a hearty laughter, much like I would have when I was younger.  Goodness -- do you think this means I'm actually maturing?  Perish the thought!

Tonight I took Maggie for a walk.  And got locked out of my house.  No, I did not forget my key.  Kevin came home from work and locked the storm door.  Maggie barked and I knocked for a good 10 minutes before he finally came to the door.  It's 29ยบ outside and I was not wearing gloves or a hat.-- how's that for a knitter??!   Think I'm a bit unhappy, oh yeah.  Kevin was in the shower, prepping for a party.  Ugh.  Got an earful when he finally let us in.  So did the neighborhood.


SusanQuilter said...

Please take a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon & go buy a metal spice rack organizer that fits in the drawer!!! I have one, and they are fantastic! It will be worth skipping one yarn purchase!! Interesting your take on the new store. Is it worth visiting?

Suzanne said...

Shop owner Paula has selected some yarns that no one else in the area carries and that is great. I know she's expecting more deliveries so I would probably hold out for a couple weeks. She does have Brown Sheep circular needle cases that you might like/need.....