Sunday, January 3, 2010

On the mend

Yesterday I came down with the cold I suspected was coming on Thursday night.  I managed to get through most of New Year's day at my Mom's before the sneezing began.  I made a beeline out of her place before I got her sick and spent most of yesterday sneezing, dripping, and coughing.  I hate the dripping part especially.  Armed with a fresh box of Kleenex, Nyquil, daytime Sudaphed PE, and a bag of Cherry Halls, I spent today knitting away.

I've gotten about 8" done on my Thai Vest project since beginning it yesterday.  It's going quite quickly despite my sticky Denise needle cables.  I would like to trade that set in for a set of Addi Clicks -- just need to wait for the budget to allow it.  At this rate I hope to finish the vest in a week or so.  I'm modeling it after a vest I had bought several years ago from a now closed shop in Royal Oak.  They carried the cutest clothes made all over the world and this particular vest, done in cotton with coconut shell buttons, was made in Thailand, hence the name of my current project.

I had wanted to neaten up around the house substantially but due to my drippy nose, was confined to my cushy chair in the living room instead.  I did get some things organized this weekend.  Kevin gets the grand prize, however, because he spent about 8 hours shredding documents and cleaning out his room.  He's still preparing to switch over to a full sized bed in the next few weeks so this clean up was key for that effort.  Maggie was all out of sorts, trying to figure out what he was doing with that contraption that made so much noise (the shredder overheated several times....). 

I always wish my holiday breaks were longer, that I was able to accomplish more, and get more rest.  Tonight I was watching that program on hoarders and in an odd way it always makes me feel better about my house and my stash.  Not that I don't wish I had less junk, I just don't worry about it quite as much!

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