Monday, December 21, 2009


Today at work my co-worker Seamus mentioned that his son who is fascinated with fans (he is high functioning ASD) got a new heater/fan for an early Christmas gift.  That got me thinking........

My bedroom gets chilly because I have to leave the door shut.  Why?  Because my curious canine has a fixation with paper -- any paper -- yarn ball labels, tissues, receipts, but luckily yet not money (although there tends not to be any of that just lying around.  Or is it laying around?  I always confuse the two.).

Anyway, while browsing today's Lowe's ad I noticed a little heater/fan for $12.97 so I decided I needed one for my chilly room.  Naturally when I got there I realized it was a hunk of junk piece of plastic that probably would burn up by New Year's so I checked out the other options. don't think that was Lowe's plan, do you??!!
I narrowed it down to one that had a remote control and was a brand I recognized :

As a matter of fact, yes I am lazy and would to kick it up a notch in the middle of the night when my nose gets cold without having to get out of bed.

I like that it oscillates, shuts off when it reaches a determined temperature and kicks on when it gets too nippy.  Plus in the summer time it will act as a fan.  And then there's the white noise bonus.

Oh the bliss that comes from being toasty, not chilly.  Sometimes I get chilly working at this computer so I will have to find a plug I can use that won't make the computer go kerplunk.  No, I don't need two of these heaters....I'm not that lazy.

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