Saturday, December 26, 2009

Catch up day

I really enjoy having next to nothing on my agenda for a Saturday.  I got a few corrections made to my computer although it's not totally behaving just yet.  Seems there is some sort of issue with Microsoft.NET/Framework 3.5.  I can't actually tell you what that means but I can recite it.  Every day for the last two weeks there's an attempt to send me an update and every day it fails.  More investigation needed there.  I'm hoping a co-worker or two can lend some assistance.  Once that's corrected, then maybe, just maybe, I can get my Neat Receipts working again.  Right now, all my business data for the year is trapped in Never-Never-Land.  Ugh.

I used the day to get things organized in my bedroom.  I repaired a few sweaters, hung things up in their proper spot in my closet, decided to reverse knit a sweater where the sleeves were too short and snug.  There -- I said it -- frogging a sweater I had hoped to wear for Christmas but could not.  I spent a hunk of the day looking on Ravelry for a pattern to use some lovely Anny Blatt Merino/Cashmere yarn and found several patterns but none for a sweater.  I found about 13 skeins of this super soft yarn when I had to move a few things out of the way of my electrical outlet behind my Expedit.  I needed to plug in my new super duper heater to keep me toasty while I surfed.

I helped Kevin tear down his bunk bed and store it in the shed.  Egad -- it's finally time for a 'big boy bed'.  He's only 29.  Until he can get over to IKEA or some other furniture store, he's sleeping in the  remaining bottom bunk still but with the mattress from the top bunk.  This is a big step.  These bunk beds were used by his father and uncle starting in the early 1960's.  Original mattresses.  Yes, that is a very long time.

Tomorrow I hope to get rolling on a vest I owe my friend Joanie.  I think I'll make one based on a vest I bought years ago from a now closed shop in Royal Oak that was made in Thailand.  It is an homage to the tenacity of the people devastated by that terrible tsunami that struck 5 years ago today.  I knit up a gauge swatch using size 7 needles but I'll need to go up to size 8s which means it will go so much faster!  Whoohoo!!  I look forward to completing the vest and moving on to projects for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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