Sunday, December 6, 2009

Super Busy Week

This week will be filled to the hilt for me.  I'm super busy at work with our year end luncheon on Tuesday.  I've got to come up with a White Elephant gift -- hmmm, I've got some good ideas -- excellent opportunity to rid the house of a treasure or two.  Sure will be a really interesting time with four of my co-workers losing their jobs next month. : (

Tuesday is also the Black Sheep Knitting Guild meeting -- I still need to get the door prize options together.  Thursday is the Great Lakes Heritage Quilters guild meeting -- we'll be having our Holiday Bazaar, for which I think I may have an item or two to donate.  I'm also supposed to bring an appetizer for that plus donate 2 dozen cookies for a fundraiser that Right off the Sheep is supporting.

Friday night is my favorite wine tasting of the year held in Livonia and sponsored by my  #1 Italian market, Cantoro's.  It's only $25 and they have the best food and plenty of wine to sample.

Saturday is the Thrums and Chums meeting for rug hooking in Brighton.  I hope to make it for that -- depends on whether or not I go to the wine tasting!  Then later in the afternoon I'm doing my first bell ringing shift at the Holiday Market from 3-5 pm -- I hope there are lots of shoppers!

Somewhere in between all of these activities I need to continue to go to the gym.  I'm a bit sore but already feeling better having returned for a couple of sessions last week. 

I still have one more 'wretched wool' hat to complete.  I had it mostly completed yesterday when I realized I didn't have enough yarn, frogged it, and decided I needed to go up a needle size.  I can't wait to finish the last one, soak the others, and get them off to the customer.

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