Friday, December 11, 2009

Here we go again....

Today at work we all got an email from our vice president saying we had a mandatory meeting on Monday.  All phones are to be shut down while our teams gather for this meeting.  Well that certainly sounded ominous.  Great.  Another weekend where we all stew, speculate, and worry.  Again.  We were barely past the cut back announcements and now this.  Time for the rest of us to tune up our resumes.  Again.

I tried to finish knitting the last of the four 'wretched wool' hats.  After 5 tries I'm giving up -- there simply isn't enough yarn in the skein to make it work.  Maybe it can be made into another style hat.  I'm leaving it up to the customer.  I finished soaking two of the other completed hats in the Head and Shoulders bath and they are both much better off.  Unfortunately an altercation occurred when Maggie decided to abscond with a tissue and I tried to pry it from her mouth.  Let's just say I lost as evidenced by the bruise I got on my hand from her teeth.  She is now in her crate for a serious time out session.  She will remain there until Kevin gets home from work.  Naughty girl.

I'm mentally whipped from the difficult day at work and don't expect to be awake much longer.  I need to 'take to my bed' as they used to say.  A good night's sleep will do me some good.  I hope to hit the gym early in the morning.  I need it.  I'll be bell ringing tomorrow so I'm hoping the weather will be kind.

I'm really tired of this job uncertainty........

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Anonymous said...

I will keep you in my prayers, Suzanne...Have a good weekend.