Wednesday, December 16, 2009


There are so many times in our lives where the negative option seems to be the only option.

Yes, I will be losing my job.  But....there could be another position in the same company at that time.  Then again, I have received quite a bit of training that can be transferred to another company and that leaves me in a pretty good position.  As I said yesterday, I'm not one who embraces change but you know what -- I've done it before and I can do it again.  Nearly 20 years ago our MetLife office lost the dental and vision claims business to the Atlanta office.  Cheaper, not necessarily better, as witnessed by their move to the Utica, NY office a few short years later.

I was divorced 18 years ago -- talk about changes.  I know all about living without to make it through the tough times.  I definitely have to scale back.  Even today I was considering a new project for my Chicken bag exchange but an epiphany occurred -- I decided to stick with my original idea for a bag.  Someday, though, I'll be creating this one:  Ribbon Purse   I think it's adorable but I'd have to modify it to meet our size requirements for our Christmas bag exchange, so it will have to wait.  I don't have the energy to re-design ANYTHING.

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kpultzdesign said...

luckily a negative always has a positive'll find it. so sorry to hear about the predicament with your career.

Open to options...please keep looking at Gale's listings and see if there is anything there that is up your alley.