Friday, December 4, 2009

Half Day

Today I took a half vacation day at work.  I finished all that needed to be done and then bolted.  I drove Kevin over to get his repaired pickup truck and then headed to the Potters' Market in Madison Heights.  If you've never gone to this show, you need to put it on your agenda for Saturday or Sunday if you live in the Metro Detroit area.  It is the largest sale of its kind in the U.S.  Over 31,000 pieces of clay were sold at last year's show.

Each year I've gone I've been amazed and awed by the beautiful and sometimes whimsical pieces that artists create.  I snapped a few pictures of the day ~~


And a few interesting pieces ~~

And from the 'what was she thinking' category ~~

Yes, those ARE fishnet leggings and leopard stilettos.  Egad, apparently there are no mirrors or other humans in her household.

And lastly, all sorts of display ideas are used for the various pottery items.  I thought this one was particularly cute, since my niece Carla is currently living in California ~~

If you need an inexpensive item for a Christmas/Hanukkah gift you can find it at this show.  There are tons of ideas for under $15 -- butter dishes, holiday treat plates, jewelry, pins, flower frogs, mugs, and on and on.  But if you're looking for great values in platters, serving bowls, and everything else that is pottery, you will find it at this show.  I had a baking dish in my basket to purchase but I kept hearing Kevin's voice -- do you really need another baking dish??? -- and so I put it back, buying only things I need for Christmas gifts.  Darn that Kevin!


Heather said...

Yes, you really DID need another baking dish!

You tell that 'darned Kevin' :) that
1)pottery breaks and
2)we women are only human, and pottery is just so, so lovely!!!
(I think that men are missing a critical gene for this or something!)
...and P.S.
Next time, go with a girlfriend!!

Eddie said...

Went today, Suzanne. Did not buy a thing though. I really like the new look of your blog. Easier on the eyes, I think.