Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year !!

Tonight I finished my Hoodie Tunic sweater.  I had to re-knit the sleeves a couple of times because the decreases where too close together and the sleeves were too snug and short.  Tomorrow I hope to finish weaving in the ends and sew on a button, then block the whole thing with a bit of steam.  I think I'll make the same pattern again, someday, so I'll have to write down my pattern modifications before I forget. (See resolutions from Monday's post .)

It was a quiet night, no Kevin, leftovers from Christmas dinner, and a bit of wine.  Not interested in watching the big ball drop.  I just want to go to bed and hope for a better year in 2010.  I wish I could be hopeful but it's just too hard with my job uncertainties.  I will be much more diligent about tracking my spending and looking for ways to save money.  I promise.

Right now I feel like a cold is coming on and I'm supposed to have dinner with Mom tomorrow.  Can't do that if I'm not feeling well since she has a compromised immune system due to her arthritis meds.  Heading to the medicine cabinet for some Nyquil -- cures what ails you!

I hope everyone has a safe, happy New Year!


Heather said...

Happy New Year, sweetie. I hope that this year is filled with peaceful changes and rewarding growth for you, as you face these new challenges in your life!

harriet said...

Happy New Year Suzanne. Let's hope for a better year to come for all of us!