Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can there be too much?

One of my fellow Royal Oak residents puts up an unbelievable light display every Christmas season.  I should actually say they never really take it down completely either.  Much to their neighbors' chagrin.  They have so many displays going that their electric bill is out of this world and they've put out a kettle (like the Salvation Army) to help defray the cost of their display.

I've driven by it before but I had never taken the time to get out of the car and examine their display.  I can truly say that there does come a time when there can be TOO much.  First off, you hear music playing -- not a way to endear the neighbors.  Then there's the steady stream of traffic creeping by at a snail's pace, clogging up the street.  I would cringe if this were my neighbor.  Everyone in town knows about this house and each year it ends up on the news and in the papers.

There are several moving characters.  A full children's choir.  Complete manger scene.  Reindeer.  Giant candy canes.  You name it, it's there.

Don't you love Santa with the angels?

I apologize for the 'shaky' pictures.  I'll try something different next time.

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Anonymous said...

yes, I would not like living next to it but it's so fun to see.