Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring is here (for now)

I love Spring. There, I said it. There's nothing like the grass greening up, the flowers blooming all over the place, the birds chirping early in the morning, and the smell of rain. Then there's the smell of worms following a nice rain -- ew. I hate walking where the worms are -- I deliberately step around them.
The crocus shot comes from my next door neighbor's yard. Mark and Helen have worked hard on their yard and it shows. Each year they add a little more. They have green thumbs, mine is pale green. As the season progresses I'll take some more snapshots of their gardens. I stopped trying to keep up with them years ago. That's not to say I won't have something to contribute. My roses are often lovely, the bleeding hearts vivid, and my peonies are brilliant. Kevin struggles each year with the lawn. Every year he says he's going to get better results than the year before. Depending on the weather and wayward weeds we get from our negligent neighbor across the street, our results tend to go downhill as the summer progresses. I bought a reel mower several years ago and I love watching him mow the lawn. Now, I did give it a go myself but found I was just too darn short to use the mower. Oh, fiddledeedee.
I'm usually too busy knitting on my front porch to worry about the condition of the lawn. I never let issues like that get in the way of a lovely evening, sitting outside, listening to a Tigers game on the radio, and knitting my heart out.
The reason I said Spring is here (for now) is that we're expecting a snow shower or two in the next few days. Good think I snapped that picture of the crocus. Here's another shot in case they don't survive the weekend.

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