Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leader or Follower?

For me I have to say I'm a follower. I have a rather large collection of sheep. I think that means I like to be part of the flock. Oh sometimes I take an occasional turn and stand out for a change. I've been guild president for both quilting and knitting guilds. Given a choice, I'm happier just blending in. I'm perfectly content doing the same thing day after day with as few bumps in the road as possible, thank you.
I like my job and I'm pretty good at it. There's a certain comfort in being an SME (subject matter expert). But there are times when life takes that mundane lifestyle and rips the carpet out from under you. Our company stock is suffering huge losses. Our main customer is selling off it's bits and pieces so much so that there may not be any work left to do before too long. There have already been cuts in some of our other departments. We're all just waiting for someone to show up at our desks with 'the box'.
Each day my co-workers and I discuss the endless possibilities, sounding much like Scarlett O'Hara -- 'where will I go? what will I do?' Then again, it doesn't pay to dwell on what we don't really know will happen. Oh fiddledeedee.
My cubemate Lisa and I have joked about opening up a roadside chili stand. We discuss the stand's offering -- toppings, crackers, etc. -- and how we'll expand when the idea takes off. Of course she'll be out at the corner to bring in sales. She's tall, blond, and slender and I'm, well, not. There I go again, content to bring up the rear.......someone has to stir the chili!
My mother often says 'this too shall pass' but the process sure can be agonizing.

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