Friday, March 13, 2009

I've finally joined the 21st Century...

by purchasing an MP3 player. On another journey to Costco tonight I finally broke down and bought myself a Sansa Fuze MP3 player. I have no idea how to use it yet, it's still charging up, but I'm counting on Kevin to show me how to get it going tomorrow. Oh I know, I'll probably pick the most inopportune time and he'll run out of patience with me, but I'll give it a shot. I'm really hoping I can get it charged up in time to take to the gym. Already though, I'm not too keen on the earbuds. I'm usually more comfortable with a headset but I'll see. One of my biggest problems at the gym is I sweat like there's no tomorrow. The earbuds could be a definite problem if they're constantly popping out of my ear.

I won't be traveling to Brighton tomorrow for our monthly rug hooking group since my car-pooling friends have other things to do. Instead my day will be full of errands once I get back from the gym. I'll be looking for:
  1. a new pair of running shoes (don't you always get that Tigger sort of bounce out of new shoes??)
  2. a webcam (suggestions anyone?)
  3. a new camera for blog/website use (more suggestions please??)
  4. a new gym since my membership is up in April
  5. my mind so I can start working on my taxes -- if there's a morsel of energy left
Now working on my taxes is a grueling activity, complicated by that blasted Schedule C. This annual job requires complete and utter silence. Did you hear that Kevin? and Maggie? What should take about an hour inevitably eats up at least six hours. I think the only thing that knocks the wind out of my sails faster than taxes is machine quilting. Now there's a way to clear out the house fast. Navy sailors have nothing on me!

But that brings to mind another task for the weekend and that's pressing Carla's quilt top and seaming the backing so I can take both up to Torch Lake next weekend to be machine quilted by my friend Jackie. I can't wait to see it when it's done. I'll also be pre-packing for the Torch Lake trip. I shopped for wine tonight at Costco and I also picked up a bottle of super tasty Pallini Limoncello (which will not be making the trek up north). My thanks to the Italians for concocting such a delicious 'adult beverage' and my favorite sister for introducing it to me.

Since I didn't get to bed until after midnight last night I better sign off or I'll never make it to the gym by 8 AM tomorrow.

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