Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning

The bug has hit. It was 70+° today and sun filled the sky. Makes me want to clean, scour, and pitch stuff. Ok, maybe that's a bit over the top. Last Sunday I did make a concerted effort to get rid of excess. I started simply -- my bra drawer was so stuffed I could hardly open it. They all came out and remarkable 20 did not go back into the drawer. 12 had never been worn and are destined for Council of the Blind/Salvation Army/Purple Heart -- whoever calls first. The final 8 went into the trash. Next weekend it will be the sock drawer. How many pair of socks does one person really need?? Seems I buy them when they're on sale or I'm 'certain' I need them. Egad!

It's kind of like that with my knitting projects, rug hooking projects, and quilting projects, too for that matter. I couldn't possibly live long enough to finish every project that's either bundled together (pattern, supplies, etc.) or visualized in my head. Although when I think of it, the last time I checked I am supposed to live to the ripe old age of 92.8. That would give me 44.8 years to complete it all. If I never bought another skein of yarn. Or yard of hand-dyed wool. Or fabulous cotton fabric. But think of the joy that would be missing from my life if I never bought another project for the next 44.8 years!

I guess there are just certain things in life I'm not willing to chance.


Amoena said...

I'm pretty sure that socks know how to multiply. I have never, not once in my life, bought a pair of socks, but still I have too many of them. Some of them are even in unopened bags O.o

Suzanne said...

Socks are creatures unto themselves. They disappear in the laundry, never to be seen again. Gym socks are notorious for reproducing on their own. That's why I have SO many in my drawer.