Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life is good

Well, I never got to working on my taxes today. Not sure about tomorrow either. I was just entirely too busy shopping today, doing my part to help the down-turned economy make a comeback.
I hit the gym at 8 AM but only worked out for an hour. This cranky old man is there on Saturdays and he is vehemently opposed to having the oscillating fans on. Now for a woman my age that is a no brainer. So he adds bad karma to the gym, resulting in a quick workout far, far away from wherever he is on the floor.
After showering I headed over to Ewenique Knits to spend a birthday gift card, burning a hole in my pocket, and found some great Blue Sky Alpaca Hand Dyed Cotton to use on my Imagine sweater, although it's a bit more dusty blue than this pic shows:

Next I was off to check out a new gym, Anytime Fitness, then over to Total Runner, to buy those new running shoes I spoke of yesterday.

What a nice experience at Total Runner. My sales gal was so professional and knowledgeable -- I trusted her recommendation 100%. I wound up with a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders that fit like a dream. Appears I have a high arch and I supronate (walk on the outside edge of my shoes), something that is relatively rare since most people pronate (walk on the inside edge of their shoes) instead. It's a great shoe for resolving both of my issues. I also picked up some new running socks -- MADE IN THE USA -- wooohooo. Here is a pic of the shoes and socks:

The second pair of socks, my Peace socks, are made from corn fiber. I'm eager to try them out to see how they wick, and if there's any difference from my cotton socks.

I picked up a heart monitor watch that I've been considering for a while now. Based on my family's poor history of heart health, I decided it was worthwhile to get my heart in shape and this will make it easy to keep track of. It has several bells and whistles on it so I'll have to add it to my list of new techie things to figure out.

Finally here's a pic of my new MP3 player showing the world that yes, I can actually learn new tricks. Here's my favorite local radio station, Doug FM (WDRQ) which plays songs like an IPod shuffle does -- unlike normal stations that play the same songs over and over again.

Now I did pick up a webcam from Staples but it's going back tomorrow. The same webcam is $40 less on Amazon. Sorry Staples but I can wait on Amazon to deliver for that much of a savings. By then I will have figured out my other new 'toys'.

Now back to those taxes.....................maybe tomorrow.

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