Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Infusing the Fuze with tunes

Tonight's mission was to continue my search for music to sync up to my Fuze MP3 player. Isn't is amazing how your taste in music can change over the decades? Ok, so I guess I must be aging. I looked at some of the CDs and thought 'what they heck was I thinking when I bought this?' Sometimes I bought CDs because I thought the artist was cute, ala Duncan Sheik, who went off into some sort of crazy Buddhist world and his music style went with it. Or the artist was popular, must have, like Celine Dion. No fear, not making its way to the Fuze. I loaded several one-hit wonders like Marvelous 3 (I know, 'who?') and some who had many hits, like Matchbox 20 and Boston. So far I've managed to hit artists from the 1970s forward.

All music can be good to workout to, you just have to have a variety. Next up: Elvis Costello, Beatles, Barenaked Ladies, Sting, and much more. I think I need to incorporate some Motown which is always great to exercise to!

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