Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dreaded Daylight Savings Change

Tonight we set our clocks ahead one hour. Not only do I lose an hour of sleep but I have to adjust all of the clocks. This includes the one in the car that always seem to confound me. Such a simple concept but I always have to get out the manual.

I usually set the household clocks ahead during the day so I can get used to the time change and go to bed early which makes it on time. So tonight I ate dinner at 5:30 which is really tomorrow's 6:30 -- does that make sense?

I'm heading to the gym in the morning -- I sure do hope the attendant remembers the time change and is there early to open the door! The past few days I've been doing more jogging than usual. I'm never going to break any land speed records but at least I've knocked my per mile time down to 11.5 minutes.

Today I got my hair done so that means tomorrow I'll be sweating the dye out. Not a pleasant smell or look but I'm expecting a light turn out at the gym so hopefully I won't offend too many. I told my barber (yes, I said barber) that I'd like to start thinking about my hair for Holly's wedding in June. He asked if he could do my hair that day, which I thought was very sweet. Or maybe that meant he had little confidence in my ability to pull it off. Either way, that's one thing off my plate for that day.

Tonight I've been watching Bridget Jones's Diary -- it still amuses me. Makes me think there's hope for all of us.

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