Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chicken Retreat Part Three

I know, I know. How long can this adventure last? But it really came to an end on Monday. It is so much better to come home on a Monday than a Sunday. Makes Sunday much more relaxing.
We started out by stripping beds and having a clean-up breakfast. All packed up and ready to go, Sue and I left around 10:30 AM. Our first stop of the day was Hearts to Holly Quilt shop in Charlevoix. I found some fabric to go with my Floral Parade Quilt (see post below):

And based on Joyce's recommendation I picked up a new quilt marking tool + leads, plus a glue tool, both from Sewline:

Now, I haven't used them yet but I didn't let that stop me from buying. It was a case of simple peer pressure -- 'you NEED this'. Makes me want to get crackin' on some quilting projects.

I also found some great fabric for the stack and whack project we'll be doing at Kathy's next month:

Sue found some great fabrics, too, and some fusible interfacing for making bags, and we were on our way to my sister Denise's for lunch.
Nothing but the best at her home. She and my BIL Mike made a fabulous lunch for us of fresh whitefish, sweet potatoes, fresh spinach and a lentil soup. Add to that a 2001 Sauvignon Blanc from California -- yummo! And for dessert, a wonderful array of fresh baked cookies. All we needed was a nap to make it complete!
From Denise's we headed back into Charlevoix to John Cross Fisheries, where we picked up some fresh whitefish fillets, smoked whitefish sausage, whitefish dip, and Miracle Blend (the world's best seasoning blend) to take back downstate.
We headed down M32 and made a side trip to the Stonehedge Fiber Mill,

where we not only found some fabulous yarn and merino roving, but lots and lots of critters, too.
We shopped in the Yarn Shed:

And then Sue and I visited with the critters:

We saw a crazy goat and chicken:

and a momma sheep who was part Shetland:

and here are her two new lambs, both 2 weeks old. Now don't everybody 'awww' at once:

I don't remember the black sheep's name but the white one is called Milkshake -- isn't she precious??!!
'Mom' didn't have much interest in either one of them nursing:

From there we pretty much headed straight home, stopping only at one rest stop and that same McDonald's from Friday, where we got a quick ice cream cone to go.

It's always great to get away but nice to be back home, sleeping in your own bed.

Almost forgot to post my Hoodie Tunic project pics. Here's what I've knit up so far:

Here's a close up of the increases and the button band:

And here's a pic of the pattern:

And that's the end of this road trip.


SusanQuilter said...

But I hear we should have also gotten the Sewline (fabric) eraser, which I hear is wonderful!!! Awww, those sweet lambs!!

hnatlas said...

Well, let's see if it works now.
I wanted to tell you how jealous I was that you got to go to Stonehedge Fiber Mill. I used to vacation up around Charlevoix for many years, but this was before I knew how full my life could be with knitting. What a shame.