Saturday, August 1, 2009

Too Late Again

Quick post today --

Last Monday I brought home Denise & Mike's bedspread. Unfortunately for them, they had left Miki, their Siberian Husky pup in their bedroom for 3 hours and she ate a chunk out of the spread. After some discussion I decided to bring it back with me to repair. Thank goodness Denise had extra fabric (her decorator had originally made the spread, shams and a dog pillow using the fabric) and was able to send it home with me. I found a suitable lining fabric at Haberman's and began working on the repair last night.

My first attempts were unsuccessful so I had gone to bed thinking of new ways to approach the repairs. Yes, there are multiple places that were 'attacked' and in need of repair.

Today I came up with a new idea, which has worked out pretty well but I'm too tired to take pictures of the repair. More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Man, I love the music! Also, loved your previous entries, having been in the same area for several years, but many years ago. Once stopped in the same grocery store. Very cool to see your pictures.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, guess I can't spell my own name. . .


Suzanne said...

Glad you like the music Harriet! I'll probably tweak it as I go. I spotted the widget on a different blog and decided I'd like to listen to music while I blog and read the other blogs that I've 'favorited'. I know that's not a real word!