Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Computer Issues

Tonight I'm having technical difficulties with my stupid Adobe Flash Player plug ins. Seems when I try to upgrade to the new version it keeps thinking that I've got Firefox running and won't load the software. This is going to take Herculean effort on my part to resolve. I hate having computer issues.

Tomorrow the dryer repairman is coming back to put the sensor in my dryer. I'm going to grill him on the costs. I can guarantee I'll never use A&E Service again. Ever. Highway robbery!

Hanson's Windows is coming tomorrow to replace the glass in my picture window. I still need to have them look at my bedroom window. The darn thing won't stay up. Never has since it was first installed. I'd just been too busy to do anything about it.

Miraculously, the toilet may have fixed itself -- hope I'm not premature on that. Wish all my problems would resolve themselves.

ETA -- Sorry to say the toilet has not fixed itself. On the good side, I managed to fix the computer. I needed to download the Adobe Flash plug in to my desktop, hit File/Exit to close the Firefox, and then double click on the plug in icon to load it -- voila, my music is back on the blog.

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