Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tired Feet

The salesgal at Macy's insisted that these shoes were so comfortable that she wore hers all day. Phooey. My feet are aching. I feel like I stood for 7 hours straight at the funeral home today for Dad's viewing. I need to put my feet up. I kicked off my shoes as soon as I got home and put my slippers on for instant relief.

So many different people came to pay their respects to Dad. Friends from 60 years ago right down to new in-laws he only met at Holly's wedding. Co-workers and friends of mine who had never met Dad but cared enough to stop and comfort me. I'm grateful to everyone who came today. My tears were kept to a minimum. My knitting friend Barb sent me a basket of baked goods, which I took to the funeral home to share with my family. It was such a nice surprise and so appreciated.

We played the DVD that we had given him on his 80th birthday, four years ago, and it gave people a chance to see photos of Dad from his very young days. Pictures from his high school graduation, the ship he sailed on during WWII, wedding photographs and more were carefully placed around the funeral parlor. Beautiful floral arrangements and planters were everywhere.

Tomorrow will be a difficult day. We will have a short service at the funeral home followed by a procession to the cemetery chapel. There will be no graveside service. Mom didn't do it for her mother's funeral 7 years ago and isn't doing it for Dad. I've never been told why.

Right now it's time to take out my contacts and get ready for bed. Can't wait to give myself a little foot massage and prop my feet on a few pillows.

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