Sunday, August 2, 2009

Done, done, diddly done

Today I finished working on the repair job on Denise's bedspread. I think it turned out well although I would have loved for it to be seamless.

It all started with ~~

and ~~

After much contemplation and re-configuration ~~

I darned in the bedspread print. (If you say you can't see it, it will make my day, but I know that's probably not the case.) It didn't work to try to piece it in. At least not for me ~~

After re-attaching the seam casing ~~

On a scale of 1-10 for reconstructive surgery I would have to rate this an 7. Ok, probably more like an 8.

I'll be dropping off the bedspread to Denise tomorrow, when she's downstate visiting our Mom & Dad.

I wanted to share two of my favorite tools for sewing with you. I absolutely love having a lint roller nearby. It cleans up the table I work on as well as the ironing board (especially useful when pressing newly washed fabric) and picks up all the loose threads that manage to cling to my clothing.

And my friend Jackie gave me this super needle threader. I think it's a must have item for anyone over the age of 40. Thank you Jackie for such a perfect gift!
You place the needle, point side up, in the holder ~~

Place the thread in the groove beside the needle ~~

Tug it down into the slot and then push the button in the middle ~~

Voila -- the thread now runs through the eye of the needle ~~

Now, why would you struggle to thread a needle when you could easily do it with this gadget???

Tomorrow is my last day of this vacation. I'm really hoping to get a lot more cleaning done. Today I cleaned the kitchen. So much dust due to the dryer repair. I'd like to get my craft room in order and work on some finishing tomorrow. I didn't get any of that work done last week. Only 3 weeks until my first show of the season.

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