Thursday, August 6, 2009

Service Calls

How many times have you scheduled service at your house and waited. And waited. And the guy finally shows up at the end of the service window.

Today I took a half day vacation to do such a thing. The dryer repairman was supposed to arrive between 1-5 PM and the window repairman between 3-5 PM. I arrived home at 12:15 so I could clear things out of the way for both men. First though, I headed across the alley to the Berkley Appliance repair shop to compare costs for fixing my dryer. Right off the bat, he said they don't work on Fisher-Paykel appliances but their normal fee for fixing dryers would be $150 so my A&E guy's price wasn't so out of line. Just not something I had planned to spend money on when money is so tight. Seriously cutting into my travel budget!

So the dryer guy showed up at 3:30 PM, just after my wash load finished -- good timing. He had the fuse in place in little time and was on his merry little way in less than 20 minutes. The window guy showed up at nearly 4:30 PM and said he had to stop his truck short due to traffic and all of the glass he was carrying broke except for mine -- phew! He wasn't amused. I cared but only to the extent that he was still able to replace my window. I can't open the side windows until tomorrow and it's supposed to rain like mad tomorrow afternoon so that's ok by me.

It's so joyful to have the dryer back in operation. Isn't it amazing how you don't miss your appliances until they're on the fritz? My grandmother used to use that term -- I think of her every time I use it and remember how I miss her. She playfully called herself 'Grandma Don't' because when we'd visit she'd always be telling us don't do this, don't do that. I wonder what my grandchildren will call me???????

So, essentially today was a productive day around the homestead. The front window was replaced, my bedroom window now stays up (I know, it was SUPPOSED to do that from the get-go), and the dryer works -- wooooohooooo!

Tonight I walked into town for the Thursday night concerts at the library. I toted a sand chair and my knitting and had a very relaxing evening. Even though the bandleader is well beyond his prime it was still nice to sit out and knit and people watch for a while. It was also good to get in the walk to and from the library. I haven't been going to the gym -- still nursing this groin injury but I need to get back there before I slide too far backwards.

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