Monday, August 10, 2009

New drama

Yesterday I went to visit my Mom and Dad. I made a giant pot of Martha Stewart's Creamy Tomato Soup. I took a container of turkey salad and the soup to my Mom's for lunch. After straightening out a bill she had from the pharmacy that handles the prescriptions for my Dad I headed over to the 'home' to see Dad.

When I entered the 'home' he was slouched on the couch, his hair damp and disheveled. I later discovered he had had a big 'accident' which required a shower, thus the damp hair. When he stood up from the couch he took a couple of steps and fell. It was a sort of slow motion gentle fall onto his right side. With the help of an aide, I got him upright and seated back on the couch again. He said he had been feeling dizzy. I'm sure the lack of oxygen wasn't a factor - right??? The aide said they would be checking him out to be sure he hadn't hurt himself.

Today I was doing my laundry to prepare for my trip to Torch Lake tomorrow to visit with my quilting friends. Mom called to say Dad had fallen again and had been taken by ambulance to the hospital. After a CT scan it was revealed he has two subdural hematomas, which cannot be operated on because of his other medical issues. Other than switching him from Coumadin to plasma I don't really know what their course of treatment will be. Mom sounded dire on the phone but she doesn't really understand all of the medical jargon, even though she pretends to do so.

I am supposed to go into the office in the morning to finish up some work and then head up north. Not sure how that's going to work out. I spoke to my friends Sue and Joyce and feel a bit better about the situation. It sure is good to have great friends. And Joyce is a nurse so she's the gal we all go to for medical advice.

I'm going to bed soon, packing my bag just in case. If I do head up north I won't be posting again until Saturday.

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