Friday, August 7, 2009

Crazy World

Today was a busy day at work, a typical Friday for me. We had a quick team meeting where I thanked my teammates for picking up my work while I was on vacation. We work very well together and are quick to help each other when the need arises. That's why it's so difficult to think of staff reductions, one of the topics again in our meeting. I know one gal in particular is pretty confident that she'll be one who is cut -- she was asking when the cuts were coming so she could start looking at job postings in other departments. Looks like they may keep their word of announcing some cuts this month. It makes me a little nervous to be off on vacation again next week but what can I do? I'd hate to miss a getaway with my quilting friends.

I'm hoping to get to Brighton tomorrow for rug hooking but if the weather is too bad I won't do it. I'll just try to hook here at the house instead. I've said it before but I really DO need to get that rug done.

In the crazy world category, today there was a news story about a 32 year old woman who took her 6 month old child with her to the casino. She left the child in the car while she gambled. Someone spotted the child in the car and the police were called. After paging her to come to her car, she asked to return to the casino to cash in her chips as she had been on a hot streak. Not concerned in the least that the child had been sweating profusely, she was ultimately arrested for child abandonment and criminal negligence. Looks like she'll be needing those chips to get out of jail and she'll be lucky to get her child back from protective custody. Egad.

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