Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost Friday

Today the dryer repairman returned to the house to see the damage from the last guy. It was clear to him that the machine disintegrated due to shoddy workmanship on the first guy's part. Two more parts need to be ordered so my dryer will be out of commission until next Thursday at the earliest, so I'm back to visiting the laundromat again.

Although I'm able to get some finishing work done on my felted bags while I wait, I really prefer to do that at home instead of the laundromat. Plus at home I don't have to listen to bratty kids whining to their moms about video game money. Not sure about your kids but mine never whined like that in public. They always knew if I said no I meant it and no amount of tantrums would change my mind.

Tomorrow my friend Sue is going in for surgery to repair her broken leg. It was broken through an insane accident that occurred up north with the Chickens and their quilt shop hop trip. Remember, that's the trip I had to miss due to Dad's death. She'll be laid up for at least 2 months. I'd be going stir crazy after a week, two at the most. I felt silly hanging around the house last year when I had my gall bladder removed and missed 4 days of work.

I took Sue a knitting magazine yesterday but she already subscribed to it so I'll have to come up with some different reading material for her. She had said she's got her knitting and her computer and she's not afraid to shop online for more yarn!

I hope the surgeon is able to put her back together good as new and she'll be up and about soon. Until then, I'll just have to visit her more often. It is about you Sue!

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the new magnetic snaps I've been putting in my bags. They're looking pretty darn slick, if I do say so myself.

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SusanQuilter said...

Wow! It WAS about me! Actually Mike would say it was 'about me' all the time lately--he probably needs some 'about' him' time! Thanks! So sorry about the mag, it was so nice. I hadn't had it a long time & just re-subscribed. Really nice thought!