Thursday, July 9, 2009

Train Wreck

Today there was a terrible accident involving an Amtrak train and a car with 5 young people in it. Tragically all five in the car were killed when the driver made a bad choice. They were stopped behind an SUV at a train crossing and chose to pull around the SUV and drive around the rail crossing arm. The train struck the car and carried it quite a distance. No one stood a chance of surviving. Gone. Just like that. So many lives devastated.

I thought about those kids while I was working out at the gym tonight. I wondered how many of the young people at the gym would make a similar mistake in judgment. I hoped none would.

While watching the late news tonight I saw Charli from my knitting group being interviewed as she was one of the passengers on the train that struck the car. Had I been on the train I know I'd be sad for a long, long time.

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