Friday, July 10, 2009


Don't you love it when you realize you made a mistake and you can just do it over again? Tonight I was packing up my rug hooking gear for tomorrow morning's meeting in Brighton. Suddenly it occurred to me that I had been hooking the grass with the wrong color. I discovered this while gathering the wool I'll need to complete the rug. I stopped for a few moments and worked on knitting a baby hat while I contemplated the situation. I knew I had set aside wool for the grass that had won the approval of the ladies at the last meeting I attended. Ok, it was so long ago that I had forgotten what 'we' had decided upon. Now I'll need to un-hook the incorrect wool and start again.

It's too bad the kids in yesterday's car-train wreck won't be able to have a do-over. It's too bad the driver had no license. It's too bad he roared down the road, passed the stopped SUV, wove around the down crossing arms, and into the path of the oncoming Amtrak train. I'm sure the train's engineer wishes for a do-over too. Had his ESP been working, maybe he would have known a car would be streaking across the railroad crossing and he could have braked in time. That way he wouldn't have to live with the horror of striking the car.

We're seldom afforded the opportunities for do-overs in real life -- maybe we need to get it right the first time.

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