Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great weekend, back to work

You might have noticed I didn't post yesterday. Seems like I was busy from sun up to sun down. Actually I had a busy day today, too -- and it feels good to be on top of things. Over that last few weeks leading up to Holly & Mike's wedding things around the house have slipped a bit (ok, more than usual). I still have plenty of things to take care of on my honey-do list, the latest of which is fixing the toilet so it will fill the tank when you flush. Since there is a 'work around' as we call it at the office, it's not a priority. You just have to lift the tank cover and jiggle the float do-hickey. I love technical terms. I finally put away my wool winter sweaters (I know, they'll be back out in a few months, geez!).

One of yesterday's impromptu tasks became emptying the shed of useless, old paint cans. I pried the lids off and dumped in kitty litter and I hope to put them out with the garbage on Thursday. Trying to be a good citizen of the Earth.

Yesterday I got a new felted bag knit up while sitting outside and enjoying the fabulous weather. I used Cascade 220 in a chocolate brown and baby blue. It's one of those bags I made up as I went along so I need to hurry up and write down what I did before it's lost forever. Here are the befores ~~

And here are the afters ~~

I'm pretty pleased with how the bobbles turned out -- they add a bit of 3D to the bag. I still have to make the handles. I had a handle in mind from a previous bag but do you think I could find the pattern?? You see, this is what happens when you clean up. Remember a couple weeks ago I washed my bedding, changing it over from winter to summer? Well, I moved the patterns off of my bed -- big mistake! I could only remember where they used to be, not where I moved them. Until this afternoon, when the light bulb went off and I realized I had stuck them in a large cube along with other miscellaneous items from my bed. Phew. Now I can finish those handles as well as a set for another bag. Oh, the relief!

Kevin, Maggie and I drove out to see my parents and have lunch with them. While there I felted the bobble bag and a hat that's been done for a while now. It's just a basic hat made from Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, which matches a felted bag I finished a couple of months ago.

Too pooped to grocery shop, I picked up dinner at Chicken Shack -- yummo. My alterior motive besides not having to cook, was I wanted to get going on Holly & Mike's rug. Here's a sneek peek at the 'grass' and the border ~~

I got about 8" done tonight so that's a good start. I remember now why I like rug hooking so much!

Friday I went to the Plum Market for the first time -- there's nothing not to love there. I went expressly to find this fantastic caramel popcorn that had been served up at Right off the Sheep one day. It is the absolute best in the world -- so tasty, so buttery, so.....incredible! Luckily I found the popcorn and several other items, including a marvelous Spanish red wine named Luzon ~~

The label kind of looks like you've already been drinking when you try to read it! This is a very smooth, balanced wine -- seek it out -- at less than $10, you'll enjoy it too.

Holly & Mike head for home tonight and should arrive back in Detroit at 5:30 AM tomorrow. I absolutely cannot wait to hear their stories and see their pictures. I bet they had a super time.


Anonymous said...

Love the design of the bag. How do you get things to felt so dang well? I think something's wrong with my washer . . . eddie

Suzanne said...

Very simply -- I use my Mom's apartment washer that agitates like mad and has super hot water (thanks to their new hot water tank -- hope I wasn't responsible for that!)