Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hot Wednesday

This search for a used car for Kevin is sucking the life out of both of us. He found out today he is 10 points shy on his credit rating to qualify for a car loan from our credit union. In order to bump the score up he would have to open another credit card, use it to buy something, then pay it off. 60 days later it might be enough to get the loan. Not gonna work -- he needs a car TODAY, not 2 months from now.

I drove him over to Costco to pick up a 'few' things -- he spent over $250. Uh huh. I said $250. I spent a mere $80. I love their rotisserie chickens, had to have one of those. Good thing I waited to put it in my basket. I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in quite a while. Barb was a cross country mom -- one of the parents of the cross country team members that Kevin ran with in high school. We chatted for quite a while and declared, once more, that we needed to seriously plan a night out for all the moms again. Once I get past this drama with my Dad, I'll think about contacting the moms so we can plan on a dinner out somewhere.

At Costco I found a bottle of Castle Rock Pinot Noir from Mendocino, CA, that I love and now I'm feeling quite sleepy. It was a long day with my mid year review tucked around a lot of server testing. I'm bushed! Plus it was stinking hot/humid -- so glad the air conditioner is cooling off the house now. Time for a good night's sleep.

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